River of Life River of Life
Life is like a river
put trust in the centuries of its
experience going with the flow
following the path of least resistance
let go of fighting the current to focus on receiving
the message, the meaning
take time for peaceful reflection
in the motionless pools away from the currents
to dream of opportunity that lie around the next bend

there will be turbulent times when we least expect it
the river and life are like that
falls that will take great strength to overcome
the strength that is needed to ride the rapids gracefully
like an owls wings ride the air
like a horse in motion rides the land
I am drawn to the permanence, it is there for me always
but not for me alone

the river has a history having served as chariot
for many lives before
provided the visions the message the meaning
for many lives before
all these memories and more will float around each other
on the journey to see

photographed off a bridge over the Indian River, Warsaw, Ontario

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