These hand signed archival photographs are mounted onto a (10x13) white acid free board. Included is a (10x13) Standard size acid free matt to frame in the image. On the back is Artist info and the before photograph of the natural form. This involves the viewer in the process that inspires each of these visions.

The 4”x6” and 8”x12” size archival photos have the same 10”x13” standard size outside dimensions and fit together in this attractive driftwood display stand, FREE with a minimum order of $300. or more

This larger series of photographic images involve the viewer in the process of searching for vision. At first glance the imagery is unseen because I use such a subtle approach to reveal what I see. I include a numbered list of all the imagery that I have enhanced for the viewer to use as a reference. All ages enjoy this interactive journey through nature. I am also aware that when I draw people into the process of searching for vision it also inspires their own visions. I intentionally leave room for this to happen.
Environmental Artist
Plak Flush Mount
Your print is dry-mounted on 1/8" tempered masonite and vacuum sealed with a protective matte laminate.
A 3/8" box frame is constructed and attached to the back to create a 3 dimensional look. Edges are beveled and coloured black. A key hole stot is routed on the back to allow you to mount it easily on the wall.
Now available in 16"x24" and 24"x36" sizes.
Please request a quote for custom sizes.

Print Back
This is an example of the back of my “Stare Away” image. It includes Artist Photo and process description, before photograph that inspired all of my visions, and a numbered list of imagery that I have enhanced.

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