During intervals of solitude - while waiting for the sun to rise , or the rains to end - I often contemplate my next expedition while I listen to the voice of nature. I hear it in much the same way as I see the art of nature in my surroundings. I have tried to transcribe what I have heard, and the results have been compiled in my two cassettes.
Here are a few, one-minute samples of the spirit voices for you to downlownload and enjoy.

Wings of Love - Blake Richardson
The friendly and delicate lady bug beetles were known by Englishmen in the Middle Ages as ladybirds, “creatures of Our Lady”. They have long been associated with good luck and in some cultures a sign that a kindred soul is about to enter into your life.
Ladybirds born in the valleys of California feast in the fields celebrating their conception, then fly with the wind to the Sierra Nevada mountains to nestle and sleep in her protection for a 9 month term. The warmth of the sun and the spring breezes awaken them to fly on “Wings of Love” back to their place of birth to fulfill the ultimate destiny in their year long life, the creation of new life.
Morning Wings of Love
Flannary Guardian
Birth This Land
Moving Sierra Nevada
Ladybird Joy
The Traveller She and the Moon

Visual Eyes - Blake Richardson
“Visual Eyes” a place where myths and dreams live. Where the musical voices of spirits sing. Breath in the rhythms of the earth and moon and taste the sweetness of the stars.The forces of the universe will move you from within and the planets will guide you to a place that is truly real. A place you can feel. A place in your heart.
What you are
Horizon In the Sea
Imaginary Flight Ancestral
Ellehcim Venus
Millennium Celestial Day
Time Virgo Rising

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