On the cusp of the seasons
when summer fire looses its heat,
you were changing your form again
and the bride had just begun her retreat.

I did not see her. I saw the older elder.
She helped me through the long cold winter
kindling the fire inside the shelter

When the warmth of the first wind came
you looked much younger to me then.
You ushered in a time of change
and a way of life that was to end.
You seemed to be emerging from
the darkness whence you came,
and every step you took into the light
the younger we became

When you stood before me
I could see you’ve just begun to spread
new life across the earth
a new season in the sun.
like a flower that’s seed awaits t
he warmth of the sun’s fire
to transmute its light and break the surface by desire

I share in its inspiration, in channeling creation
and I stand there with you in awe of its beauty
and vow never to forget it
for all of eternity

This Image was found at Petroglyph Park, Ontario

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