Monarch Fairy
Monarch Fairy
It rained hard for two days and one night upon our arrival at the shores of Mazinaw Lake.
The trials of our stay there seemed to be a form of initiation by the spirits of this place. On the third day the rain finally broke and I awoke with the sun. I gazed across the lake in what felt like a dream-like state. Steam rising from the land and the water created an aura of mist that absorbed the colour of the sun’s dawning light.

I focused my sights on a cave at the bottom of a sheer cliff rising high above the deep dark lake. The cave seemed to beckon me and I felt compelled to get closer. This was the opportunity I had been waiting for, to visit an ancient pictograph site along the base of the cliff, one that could only be approached by boat. I slipped into my canoe and began to paddle towards the cave. The mist opened up and around me and I felt as if I was paddling through a tunnel that seemed to end at the mouth of the cave. Upon my arrival at the entrance of the cave the Monarch Fairy was there to greet me. I felt as if she was there to grant me permission to enter the faerie realm..

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