When we are children our openness allows us to be receptive to seeing the magic in the world around us. You may recall looking to the sky and playfully imagining what you could see in the passing clouds. 35 years ago I began to explore the potential of imagery emanating from other natural forms like rocks, trees, water and fire. The possibilities seemed endless to me and uncharted. When I first embarked upon this journey I was unaware that it would lead me to develop a sensitivity and understanding of a relationship with nature that to this day enriches my life with a sense of connection and purpose. Imagery emanating from nature has inspired many artists in the past and its origins lie at the very seed of the first art ever created by humans on the surface of cave walls. My EarthArt imagery serves as an exercise to encourage and inspire others to stay open and receptive to this side of themselves. I attempt to raise awareness that what we see is a refection of ourselves and when we see ourselves reflecting in nature we strengthen our connection to the Earth.